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Artist: Unknown 김재중 Kim Jaejoong
Title: Unknown우연
Album: Unknown 트라이앵글 (Triangle) OST
Played: 1419 times

[Eng Trans] Jaejoong is worn out after filming all night. I feel so sorry for him. But he is feeling great emotionally because the drama and staff are the best! Jaejoog! You passed out while giving so much energy to all Triangle members! Fighting!! Be strong and let’s fly now!!
밤새촬영하느라 지친 재중이. 너무 안쓰럽지만 좋은 작품 좋은 스텝들과 함께해 기분만은 최고라구. 트라이앵글 팀원모두에게 최고의힘을 불어넣어주다 장렬히 전사한 재중이 화이팅 힘내라 재중아 이제부터 달리자

Credit - @Tonyhong1004
Translations by - @crystalmoon64
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