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Artist: Unknown 김재중
Title: UnknownHeaven (feat. 거미)
Album: Unknown WWW 화장을 지우다
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Artist: Unknown Kim Jaejoong
Title: UnknownKiss B
Album: Unknown Y
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Artist: Unknown kim jaejoong
Title: Unknowni will protect you
Album: Unknown Protect the Boss OST.
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Artist: Unknown Tohoshinki
Title: UnknownBegin LIVE
Album: Unknown 3rd BigEast Fanclub Event
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Artist: Unknown Tohoshinki
Title: UnknownPROUD (Five in Black Tour LIVE)
Album: Unknown The 2nd Japan Tour Concert: Five in the Black
Played: 1669 times

don’t go, don’t go, can’t you just stay beside me? lies, it’s all a lie, i can’t hear anything, can’t hear… i love you, i love you, can’t i take a look at you? i love you, i love you, can you love me once more? i beg you, come back to me

— in heaven, jyj  

memories are fragments of yesterday
that become tomorrow’s strength and light
when you start to walk with me on this new road
dreams will shine like daybreak

— thsk, hello again

a precious person with no replacement
no other person can be your substitute, my precious
you can believe (in this)
you are my light no matter when

— thsk, shine

if you look up at the sky, i can meet you
even if we’re separated you’ll be in my heart
in the future, our wish will come true
oh yes, because you are there.

— thsk, hello again

i want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
i look up at the sky, and wish with all my heart
one by one, i link together the glistening stars
and i ended up looking for the shape of you

— 時ヲ止メテ toki wo tomete